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Site Health Checklist

Just as a computer needs regular updates or a vehicle needs routine maintenance, websites also need regular care. The checklist below provides an overview of what should be periodically evaluated on a website.

Site Tools

See the Site Tools page for more information about the tools needed for regular site checkups and maintenance.

Time Commitment

Site maintenance can be time-consuming and costly. The initial checklist tasks can take a relatively predictable amount of time, but it is hard to predict the time required to correct the issues discovered.

If you are maintaining your own website, then simply sort identified revisions by priority and do as much work as you want to invest.

If you are volunteering for an organization or individual, consider how much time you can afford to donate. Let those involved know your time constraints.

If you are billing out your time as a consultant, then you'll likely want to provide a list of proposed site revisions and improvements to get approval for the cost of the work.

Maintenance Schedule

Each site is unique. So, a maintenance schedule should be adapted to meet the site's needs.

Site Design Reference Pages

These are pages relating to site design, development, and management.