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Goals and History

Resources For Life was established to serve those who work in the public interest. These are the ones who look for ways to improve the general well-being of people and the planet. By supporting them, we amplify their impact.

In addition to helping the helpers, Resources For Life has provided direct community outreach services such as consumer defense, housing advocacy, online instruction guides, career guidance, and public computer courses.

For over 20 years, the online venue for providing the above services had been the website. The site was unique in that it offered an ad-free, clutter-free, and non-commercial way for people to get essential information and support materials.

As the site grew and expanded into thousands of pages, posts, and materials, it became unwieldy for the volunteer staff of one person. The cost in time and money to maintain the site became excessive for a website that, in itself, does not generate any money.

Much of the content on the site had become outdated, requiring updates or removal. It would have required a full-time staff to update and maintain the site.

Many of the initiatives launched by Resources For Life are now on their own dedicated websites. They will continue.

The public interest work of Resources For Life will continue on this fast simple dot org site.