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Life Map

The Life Map was established as a guide for people focused on public interest work. It is also helpful for anyone who wants to have a full and productive life.

The purpose of the map is to help people visualize seven essential and interdependent areas of life:

  1. Lifeways. Lifeways are the beliefs, hopes, philosophies, religions, and personal driving passions that energize us with purpose. A hopeful outlook gives us the attitude needed for discipline and self-control needed to maintain good health.
  2. Health. Wellness is required for being successful and productive in one's career as well as all areas of life.
  3. Career. A strong career path and source of income are essential for financial wellbeing and empowerment for other areas of life.
  4. Finance. In our relationships with family and friends, we are better equipped to support and care for others when we are healthy and financially stable.
  5. Relationships. Our relationships are a hub from which everything else connects.
  6. Effective Living. Best practices, good routines, and ever-evolving processes help us live effectively and have a greater impact in all areas of life.
  7. Public Interest Work. Our ability to positively impact the world through public interest work depends on all the other areas of life.

The list above is in order of building dependency. Yet, all the areas are interdependent and serve each other.

Those who are passionate about causes can sometimes become overextended in their charitable work. This causes other areas of life to suffer. While the intentions are good, effectiveness can be diminished. Having a balanced and holistic life can optimize all areas of life.

The Resources For Life initiative has focused on understanding, developing, and applying the above principles.